How Are Diabetic Skin Sores Treated?

Skin sores in diabetic patients should be treated with a triple antibiotic cream and covered with light gauze as soon as they are noticed. Adequate wound care is essential in diabetes because sores are slower to heal due to decreased blood flow, states WebMD.

Avoid putting pressure on the wound, and see a local wound care center within seven days. Even small wounds that seem inconsequential, may ulcerate and if not adequately treated, can lead to amputation, states WebMD.

The presence of calluses in diabetic patients should also treated as seriously as wounds. They may be a precursor to development of foot ulcers. Diabetes can cause the rapid onset of complications in foot wounds that appear to be minor. A doctor can test blood circulation and recommend a vascular surgeon if necessary. The wound is cleaned and evaluated to determine if bacteria or signs of infection are present, notes WebMD.