What Is a Diabetic Exchange Diet?


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A diabetic exchange diet is a list of foods that diabetics can choose to eat daily during normal mealtimes. The list of foods are categorized in six groups. Eating a variety of foods from each group in the recommended amounts is necessary in controlling diabetes, as stated by Drugs.

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Typically, a diabetic exchange diet is a group of foods that contain low calories and fat but rich in nutrients. The diet focuses on fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Limiting the intake of calories and carbohydrates is the key to reducing the level of blood sugar. In diabetes, the production of insulin may be low or the insulin produced may not be effective. This leads to an increase in blood sugar level. Therefore, proper diet is essential in combating this. A dietitian can help with creating a diet list that is healthy for diabetics.

A diabetic exchange list may include several foods, including vegetables & fruits, healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats, dairy, fiber-rich foods and meat. Combining foods should also be done carefully as advised to avoid high calories intake, as stated by Drugs. When creating a menu, it's important to take into account daily physical activity and body size. Checking blood sugar level regular is part of ensuring a healthy diet plan.

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