What Are Some Diabetes Symptoms Related to the Toes?


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Diabetes symptoms related to the toes include a tingling or burning sensation, cramps or sharp pains in the toes, muscle weakness or bone and joint pain, according to the Mayo Clinic. Diabetics may also experience numbness in the toes or an inability to feel temperature changes or pain.

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Some diabetic patients experience a loss of reflexes in the feet and ankles and develop serious foot and toe problems such as deformities, infections and ulcers, explains the Mayo Clinic. Diabetes can also affect balance and coordination. When diabetes affects the toes, the condition is often termed diabetic neuropathy. The condition provokes nerve damage due to high blood sugar that injures nerve fibers.

Diabetic neuropathy commonly affects the legs, feet and toes, but it can also cause nerve damage in other parts of the body, according to the Mayo Clinic. Patients may experience constipation, uncontrolled diarrhea, difficulty swallowing and increased or decreased sweating with diabetic neuropathy.

The condition is often preventable with diabetic medication, a healthy lifestyle with ample exercise and a diet that aims at controlling blood sugar levels, explains the Mayo Clinic. Diabetics should seek medical attention when a sore or cut on the foot or toes does not heal, if it appears to be infected, or if tingling, weakness and pain in the feet and toes interrupts the daily routine.

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