How Do You Develop a Flat Tummy?


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Developing a flat tummy involves making some lifestyle changes. This includes eating healthier foods and doing regular, moderate-intensity cardio physical activity.

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The starting point to achieving a flat tummy is eating properly. This means cutting down the amount of sugary food and drink that is consumed. It also involves eating more vegetables, particularly with the main meal of the day. The main meal should be half vegetables and should include a vegetable starter, like soup, whenever possible.

Exercise is also important when working on your stomach. The exercise should be cardio-based and should be at least a moderate rate of physical activity. This means the heart rate should be raised, and the person should be sweating. However, he or she does not necessarily need to be out of breath.

The amount of exercise that is required is at least 150 minutes a week. Sit ups, crunches and other exercises that work the abdominal muscles should be a part of the work out routine. However, they do not specifically target intra-abdominal fat. They tone the muscles and help to burn calories, but they should be done in addition to the 150 minutes a week of moderate cardio exercise, rather than in place of it.

Finally, reducing stress helps get rid of tummy fat. When people are stressed there is a hormonal response that influences fat accumulation in the tummy. In addition, people are more likely to eat unhealthy foods, and they are less likely to exercise, when they are stressed. When combined with eating well and doing moderate physical activity, lowering stress can also help to reduce tummy fat.

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