How Do You Detoxify Your Body?


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It is possible to detoxify your body by eating plenty of fiber, drinking lots of water, taking vitamin C, sweating in a sauna and exercising, states WebMD. Detoxification means cleansing your body, and the toxins are released through the kidneys, lungs, intestines and the skin. One of the most effective methods of detoxifying your body is by eliminating stress, because stress hormones released into your system can create toxins.

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You can also detoxify your body by avoiding caffeine and processed foods, getting more sleep, avoiding environmental toxins and trying yoga, notes Mindbodygreen. Processed foods are full of unnatural ingredients that weaken the body's immune system, so eliminating these foods from your diet helps cleanse your body of toxins. Yoga exercises teach methods of relieving stress and breathing techniques that helps you breathe out toxins.

Other ways to detoxify your body are by eating organic foods such as dark green vegetables, reducing sugar intake, and exfoliating, according to Shape.com. Dark green vegetables are full of vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to function properly. Oil massages help eliminate toxins from your skin and refresh circulation. Excessive sugar in your system leads to an increase in insulin, which stresses organs in your body and leads to health problems.

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