How Do You Detox From Sugar?

How Do You Detox From Sugar?

To detox from sugar, reduce sugar and fructose intake by eliminating them from the diet completely or by gradually reducing intake. A gradual approach is often easier to undertake, while the cold-turkey approach creates faster results.

A sugar detox can help with weight loss, improve the metabolism and reduce health risks. It is difficult to eliminate sugar completely from the diet, but moderation is necessary for optimum health.

Step 1: Reduce Fructose Intake

Read the label before consuming any food or beverage. Look for "fructose" or "high fructose corn syrup" in addition to sugar. All three of these ingredients metabolize as sugar in the body and should be avoided during a sugar detox.

Step 2: Avoid artificial sweeteners

Although many artificial sweeteners are devoid of calories, they can still inspire cravings for sugary products. Unsweetened foods and beverages are best during a sugar detox.

Introduce starches and exercise

Starchy foods, such as whole-grain pasta and bread or potatoes provide energy and nutrients without the detrimental effects of sugar. Eating starches and proteins help increase satiety, while exercise speeds weight loss and improves the metabolism. It is important to maintain energy during a sugar detox.

Scientists cannot agree on the subject of sugar addiction. Some say it is possible to be dependent on sugar, while others disagree. However, many experts believe that a sugar cleanse can restore sensitivity to sugar, since prolonged "sugar binging" can reduce the perceived sweetness of sugary foods and beverages.