What Is Determined by a GGT Blood Test?


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The gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) test determines the amount of enzyme GGT in the blood. The enzyme GGT catalyzes the transfer of other molecules inside the body. The GGT test can be used to detect any problems with the liver, explains Healthline.

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The GGT test can be ordered for many reasons. It may be ordered when someone has signs or symptoms that suggest liver disease, according to Healthline. Alcohol abuse leads to increase in the amount of GGT enzyme present in the liver. And as such, the test can be used to monitor the GGT levels when someone has a history of alcohol abuse and is receiving treatment for alcoholism or alcoholic hepatitis. Before taking the test, you would have to abstain from eating or drinking anything for about eight hours. This is to ensure that the GGT levels are not temporarily influenced and do not produce misleading results. The GGT levels are identified through a normal blood test.

The result for the GGT test indicates the levels of GGT enzyme in the liver. An elevated GGT level suggests that something is damaging the liver, but does not indicate specifically what. An elevated GGT may be due to alcohol abuse, hepatitis, lack of blood to the liver and cirrhosis. Elevated GGT enzyme levels can also be used as an indicator to cardiovascular disease death risk, claims MedicalNewsToday.com. The GGT test is often ordered along with an ALP test to better identify the problem. If both GGT and ALP levels are high, then a problem with the liver is suspected. But if GGT is low, an elevated ALP is more likely due to bone disease.

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