How Do You Determine the Proper Treatment for a Rash on Your Hands?


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Determine the proper treatment for a rash on the hands by finding out the cause of the rash, according to Healthline. For instance, rashes that appear due to contact dermatitis are treated by avoiding the substance or irritant such as pepper spray, detergents or poison ivy that is causing the rash. After removing the source, avoid itching the rash, and treat it with lukewarm water, baking soda paste and hydrocortisone cream until it clears up.

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If joint pain, stiffness and fever accompanies the hand rash, this can indicate juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic autoimmune disorder, explains Healthline. Treatment for this type of rash includes anti-inflammatory drugs and medications to control swelling and pain and immune system suppressants to control flare-ups. Eating a healthy diet and getting sufficient exercise also help decrease the negative effects of this disease.

Hand, foot and mouth disease produces rashes on the bottoms of hands and feet and blisters around the mouth, says Healthline. This disease, caused by a viral infection, doesn't require treatment as it resolves on it own. However, over-the-counter ointments can help relieve the pain and itching of the rashes until they clear up. Other symptoms of the disease include appetite loss, fever and a sore throat.

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