How Do You Determine Your Newborn's Progress With a Growth Chart?


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To determine your newborn's progress with a growth chart, record the newborn's statistics, including weight and height, notes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC. This information helps you compare the chart with other newborns of the same age to get the current percentile.

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The best newborn growth chart is the growth standard chart by the World Health Organization, or WHO, explains the CDC. There is a growth chart for newborns to 59 months old and another for older children. It uses growth standards for infants and children throughout six different countries, including the United States. The growth chart not only looks at basics, such as the height and weight compared to the infant's age, but how the child is growing under certain conditions and environments. There is a section on the chart for recording the types of feeding, such as bottle feeding or breastfeeding.

To use the growth chart for a newborn, enter the baby's age in months and draw a line as shown on the chart, states Dr. Vincent Iannelli for About.com. Also draw a line in the area that asks for the baby's weight. In the third step, these lines need to intersect, which shows a curve that explains where the baby's growth is compared to other babies of this same weight and age.

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