How Do You Determine Your Dominant Eye?

How Do You Determine Your Dominant Eye?

Look at an object located approximately 15 to 20 feet away through a hole in front of you formed by your thumbs and fingers. Close one eye at a time, and take note to which eye can focus with the object remaining still. This test only takes a few seconds.

  1. Form a small hole through which to perform the eye dominance test

    Extend your hands in front of you and then bring them together. Form a small hole by crossing your thumbs and fore fingers.

  2. Choose an object on which to focus

    Pick an object that is located between 15 and 20 feet away from you. Focus on the selected object through the small hole made with your thumbs and fingers with both eyes open.

  3. Alternate looking at the object with each eye at a time

    Close one eye and focus on the object through the hole, and then perform the same task with the opposite eye. One eye will see the object remain stationary, while the other eye will see the object appear to move to the other side.

  4. Decide which eye is dominant based on the difference between the two

    The eye that sees your selected object remain straight ahead without moving to the other side is the dominant eye. The non-dominant eye sees the object appear to transition to the other side.