How Do You Determine the Cause of Your Stress?


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To determine the cause of stress, individuals should evaluate how they cope with changes in their lives by meeting with a therapist or making an inventory of how they feel when faced with challenges, recommends Mayo Clinic. A professional helps patients identify triggers that bring about physical and mental symptoms that indicate stress.

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Common triggers that create stress include negative interactions with friends, family members or supervisors as well as changes in routine that eliminate the opportunity for adequate rest or relaxation, explains Mayo Clinic. Physical ailments such as heart palpitations, nervousness and headaches that occur when faced with challenges can help determine the cause of stress.

Patients should pay close attention to how they react to changes that occur in their daily lives to determine the cause of stress, recommends Mayo Clinic. Stress is often caused by financial strain, life changes such as promotion, pregnancy, divorce or marriage. The death of a loved one can also cause physical and mental ailments that indicate stress as well as environmental changes such as harsh weather, bright lights or loud noises.

Individuals can evaluate how they react physically and mentally when faced with conflicts to help overcome stress, according to WebMD. The onset of stress can cause long-term emotional and physical health problems if not treated.

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