What Does a Dermoid Look Like?


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A dermoid is a growth in the body that looks like a sac and may contain teeth, fluid and skin appendages, including hairs and sweat glands, according to WebMD. Dermoid cysts are present at birth, grow gradually and don't cause serious effects unless interfered with. The cysts normally form on the face, lower back and skull.

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Rarely, dermoid cysts can be found in the brain, spinal cord, nasal sinuses and ovaries, explains WebMD. Ovarian dermoid cysts occur during child bearing years and may cause cancer, torsions and infection. Laparoscopy and conventional surgery may help remove the growths. Dermoid cysts on the spinal cord usually cause infection and cannot be removed completely.

The cysts occur when skin structures become trapped in the skin, notes WebMD. Rarely, the cysts may spread to other body structures that are deeper than the skin. Cysts that cause inflammation, fever or pain require immediate medical care. Individuals with cysts that continue to grow or change color should contact their doctors.

The cysts may bleed or cause infection, so patients should not remove them on their own, warns WebMD. Physical examination and imaging techniques may aid in diagnosing the growths. Before removing a cyst, the doctor may clean the area, inject the place with an anaesthetic, and surgically remove the growth.

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