What Is the Dermal Tone Facial Exercise Treatment?


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The Dermal Tone is a hand-held device that emits small amounts of electricity to tone and firm the user's face by causing the muscles to contract. The Dermal Tone facial exercise treatment claims to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and increase blood circulation.

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The Dermal Tone device works either plugged in to an outlet or powered by a 9V battery. In order to work, the user must apply a conductive gel to the area of the face they wish to exercise, then place the device against the skin and hold it for ten seconds. Total treatment time is an estimated five minutes.

The Dermal Tone facial exercise treatment does not require any medical expertise to perform, and benefits of this treatment include potentially achieving results without opting for surgery, injections or doctor visits. There is no recovery time required, and it is not a painful process.

While Dermal Tone devices were originally sold over the counter and through Dermal Tone's website, these avenues were closed down by the FDA in 2006 due to the company's failure to obtain marketing clearance from the FDA, which requires products to be tested for safety and effectiveness.

The product is discontinued as of 2015, with models still available on sites like eBay.com.

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