What Is the Depth Perception of the Human Eye?


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Depth perception is a psychological construction that produces the ability to judge distances and see in three dimensions. This results from binocular stereoscopic vision, in which each eye takes in a separate slightly different image. The brain merges the images and enables the individual to perceive objects' and features' distances.

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In addition to humans' stereoscopic vision, the brain uses other methods to form depth perception, including previous experiences perceiving an object and the moving parallax, a depth cue that compares many images during movement, explains EyeHealthWeb.

Without binocular vision, the brain must take different cues to judge depth perception, such as linear perspective, in which objects appear larger or smaller as they move closer or farther away, respectively. The brain can also process monocular movement parallax, by judging distance based on the perception that closer objects move more quickly across vision and distant objects move more slowly, states Scientific American.

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