What Is a Depression Test?


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A depression test is done to detect symptoms of depression, including undergoing a physical exam, interview and possible lab tests. The tests and questions included in a depression test are based upon the guidelines and information from American Psychiatric Association, notes Mayo Clinic.

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Depression is a serious illness that interferes with daily life activities. People suffering from depression may require treatments such as medication and psychotherapy to get better, states Mayo Clinic. To be diagnosed with depression, the patient must meet the symptom criteria detailed by the American Psychiatric Association.

Some of the depression symptoms include a depressed mood, loss of pleasure, a significant increase or decrease in appetite, insomnia, fatigue, trouble making decisions, recurrent thoughts of suicide, and feelings of hopelessness says Mayo Clinic. The symptoms can be severe to cause problems in day-to-day activities.

A depression test can help rule out other possible problems that cause such symptoms. A physical assessment is conducted to determine if the symptoms result from physical causes. Lab tests may include a complete blood count or thyroid testing to check whether body organs are properly functioning, as stated by Mayo Clinic. In addition to these two tests, a psychological evaluation also helps diagnose depression.

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