What Does Depression Lead To?


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Depression that goes untreated can lead to relationship difficulties, health problems, addiction, self-injury and reckless behavior, according to ULifeline. Other potential consequences of untreated depression are poor performance in school, sleep problems and suicide. Decreased productivity, concentration problems and missed days of work may also result, notes the Pearls Program.

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What Does Depression Lead To?
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Depressed individuals who do not seek treatment often experience difficulties in their interpersonal relationships because their condition renders them unable to be there for their family members and friends the way they would if they were not so often emotionally and physically drained, explains ULifeline. They may lose interest in socializing or lash out at others due to their state of unhappiness, further straining relationships. Health problems also often result from poorly managed depression because sufferers do not always have the motivation to take care of themselves through exercise and nutrition and may find it hard to maintain a normal sleep schedule.

Lack of concentration and diminished capacity for remembering important things can lead depressed students to perform poorly in their classes, states ULifeline. They may develop addictions or self-injury behaviors, such as inflicting cuts or burns on themselves, as they attempt to self-medicate and cope with the symptoms of their depression in maladaptive ways. Risky behaviors, such as driving intoxicated or having sex without protection, are common because depressed people are less likely to consider the consequences of such behaviors before acting.

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