Why Do Dentures Cost so Much?

Factors that lead to a high cost for dentures include giving a patient a customized fit and using more expensive materials to create a natural-looking set of teeth and gums, according to CostHelper. Guaranteeing the dentures against cracking and chilling for a decade or longer as well as scheduling dental appointments to perfect the fit of the dentures also increase their cost.

When dentists must extract damaged teeth before installing dentures, the extractions can add thousands of dollars to the cost of the dentures, as CostHelper explains. Dentists who are trained denture specialists are known as prosthodontists, who usually charge more for their services than regular dentists charge, so their patients should expect to pay more.

Patients who obtain dental implants to support removable denture plates typically pay thousands to tens of thousands of dollars more for the total cost of their denture appliances, as noted by CostHelper. The denture materials that the dentists use, the type and number of implants that the patients need, and any related procedures that the dentist must perform all affect the final cost.

Dentists who do not have on-site denture fabrication labs must send their work to outside commercial dental labs, according to Affordable Dentures. The outside labs charge dentists markups on their prices, which increase the cost of the dentures, and dentists typically pass the cost increases on to their patients. Luxurious offices that offer additional amenities can also result in higher denture costs.