How Do You Get Dentures?


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Dentures and alternatives such as dental implants are given to qualified patients through their dentists or prosthodontists, states WebMD. Complete dentures are used in the event the patient has no teeth, while partial dentures are reserved for patients who have one or more natural teeth remaining.

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A complete denture can be fitted immediately following removal of the teeth or at a later period, according to WebMD. Immediate dentures are made in advance and offer the patient the convenience of having chewing surfaces during the healing period, but they are often a temporary solution until conventional dentures are made. Immediate dentures also require more adjustment and fitting, as the bones and gums of the mouth typically shrink during healing. Partial dentures utilize a cemented bridge connected to the remaining teeth via added crowns. Once the bridge is cemented into place, gaps within the mouth are filled with artificial teeth, and the remaining teeth are no longer able to change position.

The process of developing a denture takes weeks and requires a series of appointments for jaw impressions and measurements, the use of models, casting the final denture and necessary adjustments, says WebMD. It is common for dentures to feel odd or misplaced during the first few weeks following the fitting, but feelings of discomfort subside as the muscles of the cheeks and tongue become accommodated to the device.

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