How Do You Know Which Dentists Are Open on Saturdays?


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Looking through the online yellow pages is the best way to determine which dentists are open on Saturdays. Use the keyword "dentist," and choose the preferred geographical location. The search results show a list of dentists for the chosen area, many of which provide their days and hours of operation.

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Other online searches may also be helpful. Some dentists have websites or Facebook pages that contain their days and hours of operation. For websites, type "dentist" and the preferred town or city into the Google search bar. For Facebook pages, use the same search terms suggested for websites along with the keyword "Facebook."

Many dentists provide other types of helpful information in their online advertisements, websites and Facebook pages. Some examples include lists of staff and services, maps and directions (sometimes including both car and public transportation options), price lists, special money saving deals, insurance information, patient reviews, dental product reviews, informational videos and general dental health tips. Facebook is a particularly useful tool for connecting patients with their doctors by creating a platform for dialogue outside of the dental clinic.

In cases of dental emergencies, a local hospital can be contacted or one can go directly to the hospital emergency department.

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