How Do Dentists Fix a Tooth That's Been Knocked Loose?


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A dentist can fix a tooth that has been knocked loose by joining it to a firm tooth next to it. The loose tooth must be held firmly in place so that the bone around the tooth can heal. This process is known as using a splint, notes SimplyTeeth.

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The dentist first needs to check to extent of the damage to the tooth by taking an X-ray and decides on a treatment plan based on the extent of the damage. The dentist regularly checks for a response to hot and cold stimulation once the tooth has been splinted, as this indicates whether or not the tooth is healthy, explains SimplyTeeth.

A loosened tooth usually firms up within a couple of weeks if it is treated immediately. However, if the nerve is damaged and the tooth discolors, the dentist may perform a root canal treatment, notes DentalCareMatters.

Teeth are often knocked loose as a result of accidental trauma. This can occur as a result of playing sports such as football, rugby or cricket without taking appropriate care to protect the teeth. Soft mouthguards are designed to protect the teeth, gums and jaws from sports injury and should always be worn when teeth are at risk of injury, states SimplyTeeth.

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