How Do You Find Dentists in the DentalGuard Preferred Network?

To find dentists in the DentalGuard Preferred network, navigate to, click the I Agree button to agree to the terms of use, click Find a Provider, click Find a Dentist, make selections from the Find a Dentist Tool, and click Continue. Alternatively, download the Guardian Anytime mobile app to your smartphone, and search the tool using the app.

When searching on the provider network online, select a dental plan from the drop-down menu in the Find a Dentist tool. Choose to search by location only, by location and the dentist’s name, or by location and the office practice name. Enter your ZIP code or street address, city and state in the Your Location section, and choose a distance from your location to search. Select a dental network and type of dentist from the drop-down menus, and then click the Continue button to see dental providers who meet your specific criteria. Click the Start New Search button to initiate a different search.

Smartphone users may download the Guardian Anytime mobile app to find dental and vision providers through Guardian and its DentalGuard Preferred network. To begin the download process, click Download Our App To Guardian Anytime Mobile to begin. Enter an email address on the page that pulls up, and follow the prompts to install the app.