Which Dentists Accept Medicaid in Missouri?

Low-income Missourians can visit the Missouri Dental Association website for a list of dentists that may accept Medicaid payments. As of 2014, only children are eligible for Medicaid dental visits in Missouri, according to The Kansas City Star.

The dentist that appear on the Missouri Dental Association list cover a number of cities. While some dentists on this list serve low-income patients, the list is not comprehensive. Missouri citizens should contact dentists in their local area and inquire about Medicaid acceptance.

Dental care for children is provided under the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) within the Medicaid system. These services include examination, maintenance, pain relief and teeth restoration, according to Medicaid.gov. States are not required to provide Medicaid dental coverage to adults. According to The Kansas City Star, lawmakers in Missouri are in the process of restoring adult benefits for dental services under Medicaid. State and federal money has been appropriated to cover dental care for the upcoming budget.

As the Missouri Dental Association points out, low-income adults that do not have dental insurance,and cannot afford to pay out of pocket, have several options in Missouri. Some people may qualify for MO HealthNet programs. Missourians living in cities and rural areas might receive oral care from the Oral Health Network of Missouri. Elderly, critically ill or disabled applicants can turn to Donated Dental Services (DDS) for help.