Are There Any Dentist Surgery Games?


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There are quite a few dental surgery games to choose from, ranging from Operate Now: Dental Surgery, a purely-for-fun online game, to Dental Filling, a game-based approach to patient online learning. Surgery Squad offers a few dental surgery games, including teeth cleaning, root canal and dental crown placement.

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The objective of the many different surgery games at SurgerySquad.com, according to the company, is to educate the general public, in an interactive environment, on the complex and unfamiliar concepts involved in different types of surgery.

Each of the games available on the site take the user through the surgery on a step-by-step basis. For example, in the root canal game, the game player isolates and cleans the root canal of the tooth with a special file. Then, the player uses a rubber compound known as gutta-percha to fill the cavity and seal off the tooth. The company warns the user that the online surgery games are not meant to be medical advice and should not substitute for seeing a doctor or dentist.

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