How Do You Find a Dentist That Doesn't Use Mercury in Fillings?


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Find a dentist that doesn't use mercury in fillings in a directory of holistic, biological or mercury-free dentists. Organizations such as the Holistic Dental Association and Consumers for Dental Choice maintain directories of mercury-free dental offices.

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Composite resin fillings are the primary alternative to mercury-based fillings. These synthetic resins appear more natural than metal fillings and can strengthen teeth too decayed or damaged for metal fillings. They are also easier to maintain; dentists can repair resin fillings in place, whereas they must remove and replace mercury-based fillings.

The American Dental Association and prominent hospitals such as the Cleveland Clinic approve of elemental mercury in dental fillings. The Food and Drug Association and the World Health Association also state that mercury in dental fillings poses no hazard to patients. Tests show patients with mercury fillings don't have higher levels of blood mercury than those without mercury fillings. While there is no hazard to patients, mercury exposure is a recognized occupational hazard for dentists who create metal fillings on a regular basis.

In cases of suspected mercury toxicity, contact a licensed medical professional immediately. Mercury poisoning is a serious medical condition that can cause mood changes, tremors, memory problems, and difficulties with vision and hearing.

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