How Do You Get Free Dental Work Without Insurance?


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Get free dental work through dental schools, government-sponsored programs, free clinics and local dentist associations. Dental care becomes even more important as individuals advance in age. This is because the teeth become prone to decay and damage, notes Forbes.

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Seeking help from clinics or hospitals that accept government programs can be a good way to get free dental work. Programs such as Medicare and Medicaid target individuals that are not able to raise enough money to cater to their medical needs. Some of the people who may qualify include the elderly, people living with disability, pregnant women and low-income earners.

Attending clinic trials that deal with dental care can be another way to find free care, states 1-800-Dentist. Use online resources or talk to local health care workers to find out if there are any clinical trials in the region. Local health departments may also have their own programs to cater for individuals that cannot raise enough money for dental care.

Dental associations or charitable organizations tend to have drives periodically. It may be a good idea to take advantage of such drives and receive free dental care treatment. Some organizations may even offer items to help in long term care, including toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwash.

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