What Dental Services Does Dentaquest Provide?

DentaQuest provides diagnostic and preventative services, such as dental checkups, cleanings, X-rays, sealants and fluoride treatments. The company offers two individual dental plans and the types of services offered depend on the chosen plan.

The basic DentaQuest Personal Dental Plan provides 100 percent coverage for several dental services, including cleanings and dental examinations twice a year. Plan holders can choose among over 5,000 affiliated dentists and dental clinics in Texas. There are no restrictions for members who want to change dentists. Members can also take advantage of no deductibles or copays for preventive services.

People who want to make use of the primary coverage of the Personal Dental Plan, plus receive additional coverage for restorative dental services such as crowns, fillings and oral surgery, can apply for the DentaQuest Personal Dental Plan Plus. There is no waiting period for preventive and diagnostic services; however, members enrolled in the Personal Dental Plan Plus have to wait six months from the plan's start date before receiving basic restorative services.

DentaQuest's Personal Dental Plans are considered standalone plans, which means interested applicants can enroll whether or not they currently have health insurance. While members can go to dentists who are not included in DentaQuest's network, they won't be eligible to receive network discounts on the services they get.