Does Dental Insurance Pay for a Full Mouth of Dentures?

dental-insurance-pay-full-mouth-dentures Credit: Markus Dlouhy/Taxi/Getty Images

Some insurers pay a portion of the cost of dentures if they are medically necessary, but the amount is usually limited to about 15 to 50 percent of the total cost, according to CostHelper. Humana, for example, offers discounts on new dentures and denture repairs through some of its plans, notes the company website. Traditional Medicare does not pay for any dental care; however, some Medicare Advantage and Medigap policies pay a portion of the cost, states eHealthMedicare.

In some states, Medicaid covers all or nearly all of the cost of partial or full dentures for certain populations, reports the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. For example, some states extend coverage to adults with dependent children who are receiving federal assistance through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, those who receive Supplemental Security Income, some disabled persons, and some former recipients of SSI. Others provide coverage to low-income seniors and people with disabilities, people undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and pregnant women. Thirty-seven states provide some level of denture coverage to Medicaid beneficiaries as of 2012.

Even in states where Medicaid covers dentures, many restrictions and limitations on coverage exist, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation reports. For example, some states pay for dentures only if the person lost his teeth due to trauma or disease, while others only pay for dentures once every five to 10 years. Many states also require proof that the dentures are medically necessary before they approve the cost.