Are Dental Implants Made of Titanium?


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Dental implants are typically made from pure titanium, according to Community Health Centers. Titanium is used to create dental implants due to its osseointegration property, which means that the metal can directly fuse into the bone.

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Titanium is a common implant material because of its excellent biocompatibility and bonding ability with the bone, says Dental Implants Net for California. It does not have negative effects on humans, and it allows the new bone to penetrate the implant’s surface. There can be different bonding forces between the bone and the implant due to varying surface structures of implants. Most implants are designed with slightly roughened surfaces for easier osseointegration.

Dental implants serve as a substitute for the roots of the teeth, and they resemble the shape of a screw, explains Community Health Centers. They can be used to secure one or more dental crowns, a bridge or a denture. They are composed of an implant fixture that is placed into the bone and the abutment which connects the implant to the crown or denture. Besides titanium, the crown or denture may be made from gold or ceramic.

Replacing teeth without affecting surrounding teeth is the main benefit of dental implants, states Community Health Centers. Dentists typically recommend implants for people with lost teeth, as they appear and feel like original teeth.

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