What Are Some Dental Care Providers Covered by UCare?

What Are Some Dental Care Providers Covered by UCare?

Some dental care providers covered by UCare as of 2015 include Apple Tree Dental, Affordable Dentures, Mission Outpost Dental Clinic, Brite Dental Clinic and La Clinica. UCare provides coverage and services to more than 500,000 people in Minnesota and western Wisconsin, states UCare.org.

UCare assists individuals by partnering with health care providers and community organizations. The organization provides information that can help individuals learn about the various insurance options available and how to apply to the most suitable, notes UCare.org.

Apple Tree Dental is located in Springbrook Drive, Minnesota. This dental provider's mission is to improve the oral health of all people including those with special needs. Apple Tree Dental has eight centers distributed in Minnesota and California as of 2015. It has multilingual staff who make it possible for people of diverse ethnicities to be cared for quickly.

La Clinica is a medical facility located on Cesar Chavez Street in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This dental provider operates throughout the week with varying opening and closing times on given days. Some of the dental provider's values include justice, compassion, accountability and respect.

Affordable Dentures is a dental provider on Brooklyn Boulevard in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It provides various types of dental services to people in need. The provider treats over 1,500 denture patients every year, notes MNDental.org.