How Do You Get a Dental Bridge Repaired?

If a dental bridge chips, breaks or comes off, the best recourse is to see a dentist as soon as possible, warns Dr. Jeffrey Lissauer. However, it is possible to temporarily repair damaged dental bridges at home using dental cement that can be purchased at most pharmacies.

Leakage under the crowns and decay, or fracture of supporting teeth are some of the reasons why dental bridges fail, notes the Windsor Center for Advanced Dentistry. Repair of dysfunctional bridges usually depends on the extent of damage.

A slightly chipped bridged requires relatively minor repairs to restore proper functionality, notes Dr. Lissauer. Bridges with extensive damage require radical interventions, such as remaking. In cases where it is not possible to see a dentist immediately, dental cement may be used for emergency repairs. The bridge should be cleaned and dried before the repair process commences to ensure maximum adhesion and enhance durability.

The use of dental cement should adhere closely to manufacturers' instructions, warns Dr. Lissauer. Some types of cement are ready for use immediately; others require prior preparation. Once the repair process is complete, excess cement should be cleaned away. Since such repairs are a stopgap measure, a dental professional should be consulted at the earliest opportunity.