Are There Deltoids Exercises That Do Not Involve Weights?


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A variety of exercises that do not involve weights can be performed to strengthen the deltoids, such as Supermans and handstand push-ups. While these exercises are effective, the use of free weights can add more to a workout once body weight resistance is mastered.

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A Superman is performed by laying on the stomach and stretching the legs toward the wall. The head is rested on the floor before flexing the arms forward while the palms are held together. After exhaling, the abdomen is tightened while the arms and legs are raised off the floor a few inches and held straight for a couple of seconds before inhaling.

The handstand push-up has several variations depending on user progress. The most important aspect of a proper handstand push-up is maintaining good form, which is defined as keeping the upper body, arms and head in a straight line. Before moving onto more advanced stages, a handstand push-up is performed by placing the hands shoulder-width apart on a raised surface, such as a desk or counter. The waist is bent downward while the back is kept straight and flat. The head is brought toward the hands in a slow downward motion that works the anterior and lateral deltoids. This basic motion can be made more difficult by not using a platform for upper body support.

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