What Are Some Delicious, Healthy Foods to Include in a Soft Diet?


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Soft cheeses, dairy products and cooked fruits and vegetables are all healthy, soft foods that can be incorporated into a soft diet, according to Arielle Kamps for SFGate. Blended smoothies can be made with a variety of ingredients, such as carrots, peaches and bananas.

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Well-cooked rice, pasta, oatmeal with milk, soft enriched breads and crackers softened by soups, milk or other liquids are good options for those who have trouble chewing or swallowing, reports Kamps. Whole grain crackers and breads may be too difficult to swallow, and foods containing nuts, seeds, granola and raisins should be avoided on a soft diet. Additionally, stiff cheeses, such as Swiss or cheddar, are harder to chew and should be avoided, while yogurt, custard, cottage cheese, pudding and ricotta cheese are examples of creamy foods that are easier to swallow.

Soft protein options include ground beef or turkey, flaked fish, tuna salad and scrambled eggs, explains Kamps. Serving tender meats with sauces or gravies, or cooked into a casserole, helps make them even softer for eating. Apple sauce, skinless mashed potatoes, cooked spinach and canned green beans make good soft side dishes. If a patient is struggling to get adequate calories due to the restrictions of a soft diet, liquids such as milk, cheese sauces, fruit juices and nectar can be added to meals to increase caloric intake. In some cases, thin liquids are not advised on a soft diet.

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