What Is the Definition of "Sellick's Maneuver"?


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The Sellick maneuver is the application of pressure to the carotid cartilage during an endotracheal intubation or laryngoscopy while the patient is under anesthesia. The procedure is used to prevent regurgitation or improve the view of the glottis during the procedure, according to Wikipedia.

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The procedure is named after Dr. Brian Selleck, a British anesthetist. According to EMS1.com, Selleck demonstrated the effectiveness of the maneuver when tested on cadavers. However, recent study and further testing has called in to question its effectiveness and necessity. Because the procedure has only been proven to be fully effective on cadavers, its actual efficacy has not been scientifically validated and is considered unreliable, as stated by the Official Journal of the International Anesthesia Society.

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