What Is the Definition of "bullying"?


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Bullying is a type of unwanted aggressive behavior, often from school-aged children, says StopBullying.gov. It often includes spreading rumors, using physical violence or making verbal threats. It can also include verbal and emotional attacks.

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While bullying can occur amongst people of any age, it is most often related to children in school, notes StopBullying.gov. Some children can play more than one role in bullying, such as being bullied and watching others being bullied. It is important that children understand the important of responding to bullying correctly and letting an adult know when they witness it.

More than 3.2 million students are bullied each year, according to DoSomething.org. About 160,000 teenagers skip school each day due to the threat or fear of being bullied at school. In any given semester, about 17 percent of students in the United States have been bullied at least two to three times per month. Older boys are more at risk of bullying because they typically don't feel as much sympathy for people being bullied.

About 25 percent of teachers don't find a problem with bullying, says DoSmething.org. During a recent poll, teachers said they only get involved in stopping bullying in about 4 percent of instances.

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