How Do You Define Your Lower Back Dimples?


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According to KnoLab, lower back dimples are defined through exercising and eating right. Lower back dimples can be interpreted as a sign of physical fitness. Some people consider the dimples to be sexy. The dimples occur naturally and can be enhanced but not created.

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Both men and women can have dimples on their lower backs, according to HL Pain. However, the dimples tend to be more pronounced in women.

A certain level of body fat must be maintained in order to define lower back dimples, KnoLab explains. Men are advised to maintain between 6 and 12 percent body fat while women can safely fluctuate between 13 and 20 percent. Anyone desiring to keep appropriate body fat levels to define lower back dimples must eat a balanced diet every day, avoiding junk and processed foods, while consuming good levels of protein, fruits, vegetables and whole carbohydrates.

Fitneass.com describes equipment-free exercises that work the lower back and key muscles to make lower back dimples more prominent. Also called Venus dimples, these features can be enhanced through the use of lower back muscles in lifting the chest, legs and arms off the floor while laying down. Doing hip ridges can also enhance the dimples.

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