What Is Deer Antler Spray?


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Deer antler spray is a product made from the soft tissue of deer antlers, and it is said to contain properties that boost athletic performance, according to Fox News. The spray can also come in pill or powder form.

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Deer antler spray reportedly contains a compound known as IGF-1, which is a growth stimulant that gives the user athletic prowess, notes Fox News. IGF-1 is banned within the National Football League and other sports leagues. One reason it has become popular among athletes is because it cannot be detected when they are tested for performance-enhancing drugs.

Many athletes claim it is an alternative to steroids, explains Business Insider. It is also said to improve sports injures by producing new cells to stimulate muscle growth. Deer antler spray is used by bodybuilders to increase energy and endurance. Deer antler tissue has been a common medicine in Chinese society going back thousands of years, and it was a remedy for improving bloodflow and maintaining the kidneys. The product may also boost the metabolism, foster flexible joints, alleviate concussions and strengthen the heart. Deer antler spray has its detractors, but the IGF-1 compound can treat Laron syndrome, which is a type of dwarfism, reports Fox News. It is also useful for children who fail to produce enough growth hormones.

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