How Do You Decrease High Blood Pressure With Wine?


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To decrease high blood pressure with wine, drink in moderation and opt for non-alcoholic wine, according to Harvard Medical School. Wine contains antioxidants that help fend off hypertension. Wine also lowers blood pressure by regulating nitric oxide in the body.

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How Do You Decrease High Blood Pressure With Wine?
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A close link exists between moderate drinking of non-alcoholic red wine, which is two glasses at most a day, and reduced exposure to heart disease. Health experts argue in favor of polyphenols, the antioxidants contained in red wine, whose effect is to reduce high blood pressure and risk of heart disease by eliminating harmful free radicals, notes WebMD. Alcoholic wine, however, impairs the body’s potential to decrease blood pressure, says Harvard Medical School.

Non-alcoholic red wine lowers blood pressure by increasing the blood’s level of nitric oxide, which facilitates muscle relaxation, according to WebMD. Relaxed muscles increase the quantity of blood that reaches the heart and other body parts, which lowers blood pressure. In a study reported by Medical News Today, nitric oxide reduced blood pressure in male participants by 6 millimeters of mercury in the systolic state and 22 millimeters of mercury in the diastolic state, adds Medical News Today.

Experts suggest that wine drinkers should do so consistently to avert high blood pressure, provided they do not have hereditary risks of heart disease, says WebMD.

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