How Do You Deal With Stress at Work?


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Cope with stress at work by learning to recognize triggers quickly so that they do not have time to take hold, notes Helpguide.org. Nurture your health through diet, exercise and adequate sleep so that the body can handle stress more effectively.

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Saying yes to too many projects and spreading one's time thin is a common contributor to high stress levels in the workplace. To combat this, Helpguide.org suggests avoiding self-inflicted pressure to please others and knowing your own limits so that you can manage a sensible workload. Organize your daily schedule, and adhere to it as closely as possible, including a few breaks throughout the day to catch a breath and regain composure. Avoid jumping around between tasks, and try to stay focused on one project at a time. It also helps to break daunting assignments into smaller chunks so that they are easier to manage.

Drinking too much alcohol and smoking cigarettes depletes the body's energy and can leave you feeling frazzled and unable to face tense situations at work, regardless of how much relief the substances seem to provide initially. Helpguide.org recommends building a strong network of close friends and family who are able to listen to problems and assist with personal responsibilities when work seems overwhelming.

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