How Do You Deal With a Staph Infection on the Face?


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Most minor staph infections clear on their own within 14 days, according to KidsHealth. Using a hot, wet compress on the affected area several times a day to promote draining can help speed up the process and alleviate pressure and pain. Taking a pain reliever, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, can also help to ease comfort. Common staph infections of the face include folliculitis, furuncles and impetigo.

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If the infection is in an area of the face that is normally shaved, avoiding shaving until the infection is cleared can speed up the healing process, according to KidsHealth. If shaving is necessary, using a new disposable razor each time or cleaning an electric razor between use is recommended to prevent re-infection to other areas of the face.

If there are any signs of a worsening infection, such as fever or chills, it is important to visit a doctor, according to KidsHealth. Wounds that become infected can also be problematic and may require a visit to the doctor, especially if the wound was acquired through surgery or is serious and painful. Some staph infections can become serious if the bacteria gets into the bloodstream or other areas of the body. In this case, antibiotics are necessary to treat the infection.

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