How Do You Deal With Loneliness?

How Do You Deal With Loneliness? Health states that joining a class, volunteering, finding support online, strengthening existing relationships, getting a pet and therapy helps deal with loneliness. These methods combat the physical pain, poor health and depression that loneliness can cause. Health states that joining any type of a class helps deal with loneliness by letting people connect with others of similar interests, providing a sense of belonging and stimulating creativity. Volunteering has the same advantages of joining a class and also brings more meaning to a person’s life through helping others. Seeking online support helps connect people around the world who are also dealing with loneliness, and strengthening bonds with family and friends works to eliminate loneliness. Getting a pet dog or cat provides companionship and unconditional love and can connect people with the community of pet owners.

Additional assistance may be needed for those who feel lonely even around others, according to Health. Cognitive behavioral therapy presents ways to change thoughts and prevent feelings of loneliness and suggests actions that can help people avoid becoming lonely. Health states that loneliness is a serious matter; the same areas of the brain that process social exclusion also handle physical pain. Loneliness and depression are also linked to lowered immunity, according to Health.