How Do You Deal With Foot Cramps?


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To treat foot cramps, Dr. Vincent Marino of Foot Vitals recommends incorporating magnesium, vitamin D, potassium and calcium into the diet while cutting out sugar and caffeine. Foot massages are beneficial for muscle relaxation. Alternating between hot and cold therapy reduces swelling and tension in the feet. If these remedies do not work, Marino advises people to see a podiatrist to discuss customized stretches and the use of pain killers.

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Patients with foot cramping should try to rest the feet to reduce the amount of pressure placed on them throughout the day. Elevating the feet above the waist level and wrapping them in bandages also helps to reduce swelling. Flexing and stretching the feet can help to loosen muscle cramps, but if the pain persists for an extended period of time with no relief, Marino stresses the importance of seeing a doctor to rule out more serious health concerns.

Foot cramps are commonly caused by malnutrition, diabetes, dehydration, poor circulation and pinched nerves. Steps can be taken to avoid foot cramps, such as drinking adequate amounts of water, stretching thoroughly at bedtime and before exercising, allowing the feet to rest during the day and wearing shoes that provide the feet with proper support, notes Marino.

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