How Do You Dead Lift?

How Do You Dead Lift?

While there are several variations that can be applied to the dead lift exercise, the standard exercise is simple to perform with good technique. Be sure to grip the bar properly while doing the exercise. This exercise primarily targets the muscles of the legs and lower back.

  1. Set up over the bar

    Stand over the center of the bar with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Bend at waist and knees until you can grip the bar.

  2. Grip the bar

    Grip the bar with your hands just wider than your shoulders. You may have your palms facing the opposite way or in the same direction. The bar should be close to touching your shins. Keep your back straight and focus on having your weight back on your heels.

  3. Pick up the bar

    Begin picking up the bar by pressing through your heels and straightening your legs. Keeping your back from rounding, straighten your back until you have returned to a standing position. Focus on squeezing your shoulders together to keep your back flat.

  4. Lower the bar back down

    Lower the bar by reversing the order in which you lifted it. Bend at the waist to begin lowering the bar until it is just above your knees. At this point, bend your knees and set the weight down.