Are Dating Sites for Kids Under 12 Advisable?


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Dating sites are not advisable for children under 12, as online dating carries a unique set of risks. People often lie about their identity on dating websites, and by posting personal information online, children risk running into a pedophile or other child predator and endangering their lives in the process.

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Are Dating Sites for Kids Under 12 Advisable?
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Dating in general is not recommended for children ages 12 and below, as well as for younger teenagers. Dating requires a level of maturity that children do not possess at such a young age. Experts say dating relationships among children and junior high students have a higher chance of being abusive or otherwise damaging in the long term. One-on-one dating at such a young age leads to increased chances of sexual activity during junior high and high school. Children and teens typically lack the self-respect, moral strength and overall responsibility to handle sexual relationships in a healthy manner and protect themselves from the psychological damage that often accompanies poor sexual choices.

Experts recommend that children and middle school students date only in groups, as this provides young people with a safer environment in which they can learn about the opposite sex. It also allows younger people to protect themselves from the more detrimental aspects of young dating relationships.

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