Is Dark Yellow Urine an Indicator of a Health Problem?


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In most cases, dark yellow urine is an indication that a person isn't getting enough fluids rather than an indicator of a health problem, according to WebMD. Urine has a rich amber color when the body holds on to whatever fluids are present.

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Urine that is a lighter color is usually an indication that a person is either on a diuretic to get rid of extra water or drinking plenty of fluids, notes WebMD. In addition to turning dark yellow and pale or clear, urine can also change to bright green or blue from certain medications. Vitamins have been known to change urine to a bright yellow, while carrots can turn it orange. Porphyria, an inherited disease, can shift urine to a port wine hue.

A single drop of blood has been known to color an entire toilet bowl red, which is why a person shouldn't immediately be alarmed if he notices his urine is a blood red color, says WebMD. There are cases where blood-colored urine is an indication of an infection or a cancer in the body, but an infection is more likely if the urine is both bloody and murky.

The way urine smells can be used as an indication of a person's health, according to WebMD. Strong smells are usually an indication of urinary stones or an infection, and sweet smells are often a sign that a diabetic is getting too much sugar.

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