How Does the Daniel Fast 21-Day Meal Plan Work?

daniel-fast-21-day-meal-plan-work Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

The Daniel Fast is a spiritually-focused partial fast, meaning some foods are eaten while others are not. Foods eaten during the Daniel Fast are similar to those of a vegan diet, permitting no animal-based products, while focusing on unprocessed fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts. Water is the primary drink during the Daniel Fast, with decaffeinated, unsweetened black tea also being permissible.

Based on the Biblical book of Daniel, the fast prohibits foods that God declares unclean in the Laws of Moses. However, it is imperative that the focus of the fast remains on one's connection to Christ and not on food. The role of food in this fast is simply to sacrifice desires of the flesh, as Christ sacrificed Himself for the world. Meditation and prayer are central components of bringing people closer to God and maintaining their strength and focus during the Daniel Fast.

Unlike the Lenten season, the Daniel Fast is not scheduled. Many Christians, churches and groups choose to begin a new year with a 21- or 40-day Daniel Fast, beginning on the first Sunday in January, but participants may also begin the Daniel Fast any time they feel moved to do so. Those with any health issues should consult with physicians before beginning any period of fasting.