What Are the Dangers of Using Creatine to Gain Mass?


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Creatine can have dangerous side effects such as liver injury, ischemic stroke, breathing difficulty and electrolyte imbalance, explains Mayo Clinic. Additionally, it can increase risks of kidney damage by interacting with certain medications such as acetaminophen, antivirals and drugs used for treating bowel disorders, as stated by WebMD and Drugs.com.

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Creatine can lower blood sugar levels and could interfere with a diabetic’s ability to regulate blood sugar. If a diabetic uses creatine, monitoring by a health care professional or making adjustments to diabetic medication may be required, explains Mayo Clinic. Additionally, creatine can cause increased blood pressure, psychosis and abnormal heart rate. The effects of creatine on an unborn fetus are unknown, nor are the long-term effects of taking creatine.

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