What Are the Dangers of Using a Beck Magnetic Pulser?


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Some of the dangers of using the Beck magnetic pulser involve users who are pregnant or have cancer, because the electrical current that stimulates healing also may affect the growth of fetal tissue and tumors in abnormal ways, as reported by Dr. Bob Beck himself in his book "Alkalize for Health," according to Enviro-Health-Tech. Another possible danger is that cells in blood that has been electrified by the magnetic pulser may be more sensitive to drugs and other substances.

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Becker has noted some research showing that a combination of magnetic pulse therapy and drinking colloidal silver may remove pathogens and help the immune system of those with cancer better fight the disease, reports Enviro-Health-Tech. However, users with cancer should keep devices away from the tumor, specifically the south magnetic pole of the magnet, which may actually make the tumor grow.

Blood electrification leads to electroporation, which means that blood develops an enhanced absorption limit for substances, which may greatly magnify the use of drugs and could lead to serious risks, according to Enviro-Health-Tech. The effects of other substances such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine are also exponentially increased for patients under this condition. If patients are not aware of these side effects, they can easily ingest something that puts them in a dangerous situation and causes significant harm.

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