What Are the Dangers of Night Sweats?


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Night sweats are not dangerous on their own, but they may be indicative of an underlying condition, according to Mayo Clinic. An individual should contact a doctor if experiencing chronic night sweats if sweating at night accompanies other symptoms or the night sweats interrupt sleep.

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Several medications, including antidepressants, hormones and hypoglycemic agents, may cause night sweats in some individuals, as stated by Mayo Clinic. There are also a number of conditions that may cause night sweats, such as anxiety, menopause, sleep disorders and hyperthyroidism. These conditions are relatively mild, but night sweats are sometimes caused by more serious conditions, such as leukemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, endocarditis, tuberculosis, nerve damage, bacterial infections, cancer or a bone marrow disorder.

Some people who experience night sweats simply have the bedroom too warm or use too many blankets, notes Mayo Clinic. This type of night sweating is not cause for concern. Though a person may be uncomfortable, this is not often seen as a medical problem, and simple lifestyle changes, such as turning the heat down, may help. If the night sweats are accompanied by other symptoms, it is a good idea for sufferers to contact a medical professional to rule out other conditions.

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