What Are the Dangers of LifePharm's Laminine Supplement?

Laminine, the nutrition supplement from LifePharm, contains a mix of natural amino acids which are unlikely to have serious side effects, according to a product review by nutrition and exercise expert Dr. Bill Sukala. In researching the product further, he also found very little in the way of other consumer reports on side effects. However, while it may not produce any negative effects, Dr. Sukala believes the supplement is unlikely to have any of the positive effects advertised either.

LifePharm Global Network claims that Laminine relieves stress, improves physical strength, energy, mental well-being and sleep quality, thanks to a unique cell reparation stimulating factor.

Dr. Sukala claims that none of the listed ingredients of Laminine, which are proteins from eggshells and unspecified plants and marine organisms, have any of the stated effects. He notes that the clinical trials referred to in the product information have not been published in any scientific journals, and states that positive consumer reviews can result from users experiencing the effects of other factors, such as general lifestyle changes.

Laminine is available through a network of vendors in a multi-level marketing scheme and through a number of different websites. Sukala claims that the large numbers of redistributors active on review sites make review aggregates unreliable.

LifePharm also sells a number of other nutrition supplements and health formulas, such as Omega+++ and Digestive+++.