What Are the Dangers of Having High Triglyceride Levels?


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Some dangers associated with high triglyceride levels include a raised risk of heart disease, along with the possibility of metabolic syndrome, explains WebMD. Metabolic syndrome causes an increased risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

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Triglycerides are a type of fat found naturally in the bloodstream, according to WebMD. The human body needs a certain level of triglycerides for optimal health, as the body uses this type of fat for energy. When a person has high triglyceride levels, it is normally a result of other medical issues such as obesity, kidney disease, a thyroid that is not functioning properly or diabetes that is not properly controlled. Additional causes of high triglyceride levels include heavy drinking or consistently eating more calories than burned.

In some cases, medications such as birth control, steroids, beta-blockers and diuretics can cause high triglyceride levels, states WebMD. Normally, a person who has high triglyceride levels does not experience symptoms. However, a person who has high triglyceride levels as a result of a genetic condition may notice deposits of fat under the surface of the skin. To lower triglyceride levels, limit fat and sugar intake, stop smoking, limit alcohol consumption, stay active and maintain a healthy weight.

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